Planet Muscle Magazine has been around for years now. Planet Muscle has only launched to the newsstand in late 2002, but has already set records for growth. Planet Muscle will endeavor to disseminate the truth; reliable, accurate training and supplement information, as well as quality editorial, without pulling punches. My own opinion is that our magazine news stand market is saturated and that all the magazines have too much of a specific agenda and unyielding approach.

Contrast FLEX, an enormously popular, information-jammed periodical which stresses professional bodybuilding contest results and training, with MUSCLE MEDIA, which has no professional bodybuilders or results, stressing supplements and unusual training approaches. Both are as different as night and day yet most trainees can only afford to buy one of the 5-6 bodybuilding magazines on the market!

M&F has moved gradually to a very wide, colorful array of recreational sports, physique training and other wide topics, still including bodybuilding, but the accent is on presentation of the physique, not so much the method. ANMD presents both a research (like Drs. Kraemer & Fleck) and personal anecdotal approach to training and nutrition. I like their diversity, as I do in Iron Man. Finally, MMI, has a down home, friendly and rumored coverage, perhaps, the most detailed as to the inside workings of bodybuilding.

I won't compete with the big boys, having somewhat of a different forum, but I will be unique, interesting, historical, entertaining, jocular, cutting edge and up-to-date, with useful, practical and honest information. I hope you like my approach and will support me! After all, it's your planet and your muscle!


According to Jeff Everson, no one can be maximally healthy and fit unless they are free of disease, enjoy life, have balanced nutrition for optimum bodyweight and muscle, and they engage in systematic exercise combining weight training and aerobic exercise.

To assist those ends, Jeff Everson developed Planet Muscle Television for the E! Entertainment cable network and Planet Muscle Magazine.

The former Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness and trainer of six-times Ms. Olympia Cory Everson, Jeff is one of America's more outspoken teachers of advanced exercise, strength, fitness and drug-free nutrition.

Not an armchair expert, Jeff Everson graduated cum-laude as the President of his Physical Therapy class from The University of Wisconsin in physical therapy and attained postgraduate degrees in physical education. In college, Jeff attained All-American status in both the shot put and hammer throw. While in graduate school, Jeff won the National Collegiate Olympic Weight Lifting Championships. His lifts of 336-lbs. and 420-lbs. in the snatch and clean and jerk respectively, were National Collegiate records that stood for 11 years. Jeff later lifted 560-lbs. in the bench press in competition.

While at the University of Wisconsin, Jeff became the first Big 10 strength and conditioning coach. In 1982, Jeff was recognized by his peers and voted the Big 10 strength coach of the year. He also finished third in the national tally for the top strength coach in the country.

While also at The University of Wisconsin, Jeff met Cory Kneuer, a scholarship/track athlete from Illinois. Married in 1982, they not only won three National Championships in Couples Bodybuilding, but Jeff was instrumental in guiding Cory to win six Ms. Olympia titles. Along the way he found time to win The Mr. USA and in 1992, Jeff won the prestigious Masters (over 40) Mr. America.

Jeff assisted A. Scott Connelly M.D. in his successful launch of MET-Rx Engineered Foods, and then consulting with Worldwide Sport Nutrition, conceptually expanding their innovative Pure Protein food/supplement technology. Their revolutionary Pure Protein Bar became the number one selling high protein bar in the USA, according to (GNC) -- General Nutrition Centers.

Jeff has published The All Sports Training Manual, The Steroid Supermen and recently, The Lean Body Training System, a book and beginning weight training video for men and women.